As alternative asset investments increase in importance, the managers of these assets need to enhance how they facilitate and better serve the growing numbers of investors seeking access. At the same time financial advisers and their clients are demanding digital solutions to streamline the investment process and upgrade reporting standards.

CoInvestor connects managers, investors and advisers through best in class technology solutions designed to support the continued growth and institutionalisation of this asset class.

Whether you are a financial adviser or fund manager seeking to digitise your business, or a sophisticated investor looking for a better way to access and manage premium alternative assets, we can provide you with an answer to meet your needs.

We provide two routes to support the ongoing institutionalisation of this asset class:
CoInvestor Connect and CoInvestor Technologies.


For professional firms seeking
technology solutions.

Technology solutions providing fund management and financial adviser firms with fully integrated software to digitise and enhance the management of alternative asset investments.




Our products are designed to complement, not disrupt, your current operations and range from simple process upgrades to enterprise solutions to manage your complete business.

We aim to be the leading SaaS provider for the management of alternative asset investments and have a large and dedicated team of developers constantly focused on building and improving our digital solutions.


For sophisticated private investors
and family offices.

CoInvestor Connect is a direct investment platform for sophisticated private investors and family offices enabling access to high quality professionally managed alternative investments, streamlined processes and best in class reporting.




We only work with professional investment managers ensuring that you benefit from their expertise and ongoing diligence, and increasing the likelihood of a successful investment outcome.

We enable access to both fund investments and single company co-investment opportunities, allowing you build your own portfolio in a manner that suits your investment preferences.